Cultural Resource Management

Across British Columbia (BC) archaeology sites are protected by the Heritage Conservation Act (HCA). The provisions of this act apply to both public and private lands and stipulate that protected sites may not be altered or affected without a permit issued by the Archaeology Branch.

Since only a small percentage of archaeology sites have been documented in BC, areas designated for development often require varying types of archaeological assessment to determine whether potential for cultural remains exists. ARCHER Cultural Resource Management Corp. specializes in providing comprehensive services suited to this task.

We recognize archaeological remains are non-renewable and so through diligent work, First Nation participation and effective management we are able to both meet our clients’ time-sensitive project requirements and promote the preservation of the past for future generations.

Every project is distinct and may require a different theoretical and practical approach. ARCHER CRM is adept at meeting the evolving demands of different scale projects from fields as diverse as forestry, oil and gas, residential development and transportation infrastructure.

We provide the following services:

We also conduct independent reviews of archaeological documents such as permit applications, proposals, reports and policy statements.


An integral part of cultural  resource management  is the training of individuals responsible for the safekeeping of cultural heritage and the development of responsible and diligent management strategies. To this end  ARCHER Cultural Resource Management Corp. can deliver technical workshops and training to community and corporate groups in general  cultural resource management, legislation, policy, field techniques, site identification, excavation, and CMT recording. ARCHER CRM can also assist in the development of organizational management policies  and best practices. As field operations and legislation change, these policies provide an independent guide for the management and protection of cultural and heritage resources. We see value in people understanding more about archaeology, heritage, and culture – knowledge and experience must be shared if we are to succeed in our Vision.

Property Searches

Archaeological sites may often be found in many of the same places that are sought after by modern-day freehold property owners. Such features as a shoreline, a great view point or a riverside also attracted people in the past.  Traces of past landscape use and habitation  are often found in these environments.

In British Columbia, freehold property owners  may be  subject to the Heritage Conservation Act (HCA), which protects archaeological sites and some types of heritage remains – documented or not. The implication is that freehold property owners  must obtain the proper  permits before undertaking any construction or resource extraction activities  (logging, gravel pit) within the boundaries of an archaeological site.

Where archaeological remains may be present on a freehold property, the owner should budget for its appropriate management within the HCA prior to development. Our experiences confirm that conservation and preservation may be less expensive than actually impacting an archaeological site, with advanced planning. With a reputation for creative solutions,  ARCHER  CRM can assist freehold land owners in maximizing the value of their property while limiting exposure to liability.

For more information on the HCA and your requirements as a freehold land owner, contact your local ARCHER CRM office, or go to the BC Provincial Government Archaeology website.